Welcome to Technology Safeguard Resources

TSR has been acquired by Fintech Risk Mitigation Inc. These two companies are the only companies that provide software escrow services exclusively to the financial industry. With the increase in asset acquisitions between Financial Institutions, and the continued consolidation of technology vendors, the need for cost effective and standardized software escrow arrangements are no longer an afterthought nor utilized on an ad hoc basis. As vendor management and risk mitigation has evolved over the last 3-5 years, the regulators have increased their focus on the utilization of software escrow services. TSR's mission as a third-party is to provide economical escrow solutions to both technology vendors and the Financial Institutions they serve. Whenever proprietary technologies are relied upon by the financial institution in the on-going operation of their business, risk is always present.This risk can be mitigated, and peace of mind achieved, through TSR's industry leading escrow services.

Financial Industry Focus

TSR's escrow solutions have been designed specifically to meet the technical, business, and regulatory requirements of Financial Institutions throughout the United States.

Domain Expertise

Behind our cost effective software escrow solutions is an experienced team of professionals available to work with your Financial Institution. TSR's consultants are all former bankers and/or former executives with the major providers of financial services technology.

Software Escrow Services
In the event of supplier failure, having an Escrow agreement in place gives end-users the rights and access to the source code, designs, processes, and formulas behind their business-critical material or applications. It also provides suppliers with a way of reassuring clients of their stability.

Verification Services
Verification Service ensures that the software on deposit with the escrow service compiles correctly and quickly. Without proper verification testing, the escrowed software could require unanticipated expenses due to the time involved in recovering the systems affected.

Validation Services
TSR has the necessary staff and technology in place to perform testing beyond feature validation and current operating environment. Due to our experience extensively testing financial systems, we are accustomed to building comprehensive testing criteria that must execute 100% of all paths in the code. You can be assured that your escrowed software will be thoroughly vetted and compliant.